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Students, as well as teachers, spend a majority of their time in classrooms and in school. So the classrooms are designed in a way to create a stress-free environment where students and teachers feel comfortable spending so much time. It is essential to have a well-managed classroom to improve classroom efficiency and create an environment conducive to learning. A well-managed classroom is not limited to discipline; there are various characteristics that describe a well-managed and efficient classroom.

  • Infra creating comfort to concentrate mind.
  • Student Engagement
  • Effective Time Management
  • Positive Work Environment
  • Firm Discipline

The large well-ventilated classrooms with numerous windows, fans and lights ensure physical comfort while learning. The huge permanent board is placed at a vantage point for viewing. The classrooms of the Pre Primary and Primary wing are well decorated. All rooms have bulletin boards to display and encourage creative, informative and academic endeavours of the learners. Shelves provide enough space for books, library books, learner-made projects and models. The furniture has been so designed to provide comfort and ensure correct posture for good health. All the classes are equipped with Smart Board to make the learning experience impactful and interesting.