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  Plot No. - 108, Picnic Spot Road Jarahra, Lucknow (U.P.), PIN CODE-226028

There are two libraries catering to students in the two academic blocks.
  • 1- The libraries contains almost 15000 books that cover a panoramic spectrum of subjects to satisfy the urge to learn and curiosity that is so natural to children.
  • 2- The libraries are constantly acquiring new titles to stay up-to-date with the latest in the world and also subscribes to various periodicals and journals.
  • 3- It also facilitates the teacher in their research for enhanced teaching programme.
  • 4- The library has a system of Library ID Card for students and staff members.
  • 5- The library also has a large collection of charts, geographical maps, periodicals, audio and video cassettes, CDs etc.
  • 6- The collection focuses on all fields such as academic fields, sports, story books and extra-curricular activities, school management, accountancy, economics, computers, psychology, philosophy, religion etc.
  • 7- The reference collection include dictionaries, encyclopedias, hand books, guides, question banks and manuals.
  • 8- The library is currently subscribing to periodicals, covering all the subject fields and also light reading periodicals and newspapers.